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Carer KaFÉ is funded to provide learning and development opportunities to Victorian Carers and so far in 2022 have been able to support over 150 carers to attend one of the three following conferences: 

Voices in Action Online Conference (26th - 29th April 2022)

CREATE’s fifth biennial conference was an innovative, virtual event. With interactive panels, workshops and inspirational speakers, the Voices in Action Conference encouraged collaboration between key decision-makers and those with a lived experience of the care system in order to find solutions to the toughest problems within the out-of-home care sector.

Carer KaFÉ provided 25 delegate tickets for Statutory Kinship Carers, Accredited Foster Carers & permanent Carers to attend this online conference and those carers enjoyed being a part of it.

One carer said, "It was amazing to hear from the young people" and another said "Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend this online conference".


TLSWi Virtual Conference (29th June – 1st July 2022)

Therapeutic Life Story Work International (TLSWi) and Berry Street partnered to deliver the 2022 TLSWi Virtual Conference. 

With the main presenter Richard Rose, who is a leading expert on Therapeutic Life Story Work (TLSW) and working with 'hard to reach' children and young people, the conference provided strategies for carers to support children in their care to recover from their traumatic pasts.

The conference program was rich in content and suitable to all levels of familiarity with the Therapeutic Life Story Work intervention. The Conference highlighted promising local and international practice, shared current research, presented new techniques in assisting children and adults to recover from their traumatic pasts and shared the lived experience of young people and their carers. 

Carer KaFÉ was able to provide 100 delegate tickets to Statutory Kinship Carers, Accredited Foster Carers & Permanent Carers to attend this virtual conference. 

Some testimonials from carers after attending the conference:

  • "I would highly recommend this training to anyone caring for vulnerable children. I think this therapeutic model would have endless positive outcomes in the lives of the children in care and the carers."
  • "The TLSWi Conference was brilliant. I learnt so much and can see how it makes such a positive difference to the lives of children and young people who are living in care. It was very professional and at the same time personal and real."
  • "It was great! A lot of information received, many skills learnt and so happy to be able to watch other sessions that were happening at same time of those I was attending. Great speakers throughout."

Berry Street TLSWi Logo

ACF International Childhood Trauma Conference in Melbourne (31st July – 5th August 2022)

Carers were able to take part in a mix of master classes and keynote presentations hearing from world experts on neuroscience, trauma, attachment, and therapeutic intervention, including:

  • Dan Hughes & Jon Baylin
  • Ed Tronick & Marilyn Davillier
  • Dan Siegel
  • Maggie Kline

Carer KaFÉ provided 30 delegate tickets to Statutory Kinship Carers, Accredited Foster Carers & Permanent Carers to attend this face to face conference. 

Some testimonials from carers after attending the conference:

  • "I just wanted to say a massive thank you, Tuesday was an incredible day for me at the conference, words fail me!!"
  • "The classes and presentations were so inspiring. I learnt so much - some new, some was reminders of what I knew but explained much succinctly. Nonetheless all of it just mind-blowing.  I am so grateful for having the chance to attend."
  • "I was recently fortunate to be gifted with a one day pass to the ICTC through Carer KaFÉ. I want to send my thanks for the opportunity given to expand my knowledge, passion and enthusiasm in making a difference in the lives of children. As the parent of our permanent care child, the children we have on regular respite and an educator within early years education, the gift that l received in being able to listen and learn from the presenters now reaches and impacts so many."

ACF Conference

Carer KaFÉ is pleased to know that we can help carers upskill and be part of these invaluable conferences. We would like to thank all carers for the valuable role they take in caring for vulnerable children and young people.

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