Carer KaFE Program Evaluation Request for Quote

Carer KaFE and the Governance Reference Group are seeking applications from consultants to evaluate the state wide learning and development strategy for Victorian kinship and foster carers. 

The overarching goal of the Carer KaFÉ’s program of learning and development is to improve the support and retention of foster carers and support and satisfaction of kinship carers. The program aims to provide carers with the support, knowledge and skills they need to best meet the needs of children for whom they care. The proposed outcomes of Carer KaFÉ is to increase the skill level of carers across Victoria. The program outcomes are to:

  • Increase participation of kinship and Aboriginal carers in training.
  • Improve standards of care for children and young people via increase of knowledge in carers.
  • Empower carers to feel more supported in caring for the specific needs of children in their care.
  • Increase foster carer retention.
  • Provide learning progressions for carers.
  • Provide accessible training options including online learning opportunities.
  • Provide face-to-face training delivered in a wide range of geographical locations.
  • Support agencies to link their carers into available training.
  • Provide a mechanism for agencies and carers to communicate any gaps in knowledge and identify a need for training modules

Closing Date for requests for quote is 3rd of June 2020

Carer KaFE Request for Quote

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