Caring Thru Art Training at Anderson Creek Anglers Club, Inverloch


FCAV conducted a Caring Thru Art training session at the Anderson Inlet Anglers Club in Inverloch. The session, led by Tessa and Deb from FCAV, and Alicia on a Master of Social Work placement, aimed to provide a learning and development opportunity for Carer Kafe, focusing on self-awareness and self-care for experienced carers.

The session commenced with a discussion on self-awareness, during which carers acknowledged experiencing high levels of stress and frustration in their roles. Facilitators emphasised the importance of self-care to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue, highlighting its significance in maintaining carers' capacity and motivation.

Art therapy was utilised as a medium to engage carers in activities promoting self-reflection and mindfulness. Activities included creating personal spaces with modelling clay, painting watercolour bookmarks, and crafting worry beads. These activities encouraged carers to explore their emotions and engage in therapeutic expression.

Facilitators led guided activities, emphasising the benefits of mindfulness and meditation in reducing stress and enhancing present-moment awareness. Carers practiced focusing their attention on the breath to cultivate mindfulness.

As carers engaged in art activities, they shared experiences of isolation and loneliness in their caregiving journey. The session provided a platform for peer support, enabling carers to connect and discuss challenges, such as complex children's needs and limited respite support.

Participants recognised the value of face-to-face training, particularly in a regionally accessible location like Inverloch. The session facilitated meaningful connections and provided a supportive environment for carers to exchange ideas and strategies.

Carers received practical resources, including back packs of supplies for the children and young people in their care, essential oil kits, and self-care cards with ideas for nurturing well-being. Suggestions included establishing a relationship with nature and spending time outdoors to rejuvenate.

During lunch, carers continued to connect and reflect on their experiences. The nearby beach path offered a serene setting for exploration and contemplation, further enhancing the therapeutic environment of the session.

Just outside the building was the path to the beach and provided beautiful views across the bay that all could explore in their own time.  

The Caring Thru Art training session at Anderson Creek Anglers Club in Inverloch provided a valuable opportunity for carers to prioritise self-care, foster peer support, and engage in therapeutic activities. The session underscored the importance of holistic well-being in caregiving and highlighted the significance of peer-based support initiatives.


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