Deb Prout's Artwork Featured in Carer KaFE Rebranding 2019

As a part of our commitment to our Aboriginal Strategy Carer KaFE has purchased some rights a piece of art from Wurundjeri artist Deb Prout to use on our promotional material.

Deb Prout is a Wurundjeri artist having lived in and around the Mc Gretton's Road area in Healesville. Her passions are her grandchildren, family, the beach and art, with particular interest in art from the Central Desert, NT. Deb is proud of the history and culture of her family, the Wandins, with her grandfather’s parents being active members of Coranderrk Aboriginal Mission and related to King William Barak. William Wandin was her father and his grandparents were Jemima and Robert Wandin. Wandin was originally spelled Wandoon, meaning 'spirit of water'. Deb now lives in Rosebud and enjoys painting daily.

This artwork is called ‘Tribes Gathering’, which captures the interconnectivity and connectedness between groups, depicting sharing of resources, mutual support and care, and learning threads between groups. Deb’s choice of strong primary colour and the web of fine dotting underline the strength and vibrancy of the essence of the mob, and the vital nature of community.

Carer KaFE is committed to honouring and respecting the traditional owners of this country, and we connected with this piece with colours matching our training framework and the story resonating with carers coming from all over Victoria to meet and learn more.

We're very lucky to have been given permission to use such a beautiful piece of work. Thanks Deb!

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