Online Safety for Children in Care

Children and young people in out-of-home care face unique challenges and an increased likelihood of encountering online harms such as cyberbullying, unwanted contact (grooming) and having their personal information stolen (scams).

However, with support from carers, children and young people can connect, create, and share online in a safe and positive way.

We recently paired with Evolve Education to deliver Online Safety for Children in Care. Evolve Education deliver digital safety to a range of clients including Victorian primary and secondary schools.  Evolve Education’s programs are informed by the latest Australian and international research into the online habits of students. They want to educate parents and carers by bridging the digital divide to address the current and forthcoming challenges posed by online environments.

We had over 50 carers join us over the four sessions, and we have received some amazing feedback…

“This session was informative, engaging, and responsive - I got a lot from it and look forward to trying some of the strategies mentioned as they were practical and supportive of parents carers and children. Thanks again.”  - Accredited Foster Carer - Coburg North VIC

 “This training was outstanding. So valuable. Thanks again.” - Accredited Foster Carer - Wodonga VIC

 “Thank you, a great engaging presentation full of resources.”  - Permanent Carer - Glen Waverley

 “Great presenters! Very engaging.” - Accredited Foster Carer - Watsonia VIC

 If you missed these sessions, you’ll be pleased to know that Carer KaFÉ will be releasing a webinar shortly that will include all the topics covered in these sessions.

In the interim please visit our Resources for Online Safety  for Children in Care page for some valuable tips and resources to help with Online Safety.

How to encourage  How to use parental controls

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