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Somewhere, amidst the tantrums, fights over the Xbox, and dragging your kids out of bed for school, you’ve thought “there’s got to be a better way to parenting than this”...

And you’re absolutely right.

The challenge is that happy families and great parenting don’t just happen.

Some families, after years of painful trial and error, finally stumble across a delicate balance that threatens to fall apart at any moment. Some families never even make it that far. And some families, led by parents and carers determined to find that better way, leave no stone unturned. They read all the books, watch countless videos, scribble down reams of notes… all to help themselves grow, and help their family grow with them.

Carer KaFÉ are giving you the opportunity to subscribe to the Happy Families Membership. You’ll find answers to the parade of new problems that pop up every week. And in the membership, you’ll discover tools that help you build stronger relationships with your partner and children.

But perhaps most importantly, joining will give you the confidence to grow as a person and a parent… a parent who’s part of a happy family.

The Happy Family Membership will give you access for all of 2024 to: 

  • Exclusive content from Dr Justin
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Resource Name: Dr Justin Coulson Happy Families Webinar

Presented by: DR. JUSTIN COULSON, PhD

Dr Justin Coulson is the co-host and parenting expert on Channel 9's "Parental Guidance", the founder of happyfamilies.com.au, and one of Australia’s most trusted parenting experts.

Over the past decade he has helped innumerable families with his 6 books about raising children, his hundreds of media appearances (including all of Australia’s major news outlets, and even the Washington Post and the New York Times), and two viral videos that have been viewed a combined 80 million times!

Justin earned his PhD in Psychology from the University of Wollongong. He and his wife Kylie have been married since the late 1990’s and are the parents of 6 daughters.

Justin Coulson


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