Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training

To celebrate our nation’s true history Carer KaFÉ is excited to launch, in partnership with YOUR MOB LEARNING, a suite of online resources for carers to enhance their cultural awareness. 

Work through these courses from induction through to foundation level at your own pace to attain your certificate.  Explore the “Annual Indigenous Calendar” or take a deeper dive into this history which dates back thousands of generations in the section “Your Indigenous Library”.

Please see below for how long each module roughly takes to complete:

  • Indigenous Cultural Awareness Induction 1.0 (30min - 1hr)
  • Indigenous Cultural Awareness Foundations 2.0 (2 - 2.5 hrs)
  • Indigenous Cultural Awareness Foundations Plus 3.0 (3 - 4 hrs)

Click here to register for access to these courses. Once registered, our team will be in contact to provide you the necessary information to create a YOUR MOB LEARNING profile and complete the modules.  

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