KCV Wellbeing Podcast #5 – The Benefits of Hobbies

KCV Wellbeing Podcast #5 – The Benefits of Hobbies

In a recent survey on stress and wellbeing conducted by the Australian Psychological Society, four in five participants found activities like listening to music and spending time on a hobby were effective ways of managing stress.

Finding an enjoyable pastime can also enhance wellbeing, improve social connections, and even stave off depression or anxiety. 

In this latest carer wellbeing podcast, KCV spoke with two carers about their carer situations and what part hobbies and other meaningful pursuits played in their lives and learned about the benefits these activities bring them.


Kinship Carers Victoria is the peak body for kinship carers in in Victoria. KCV’s aim is to have kinship carers in Victoria supported in their role according to their needs and the needs of the children they care for.  KCV’s mission is to ensure that kinship care leads to positive outcomes for the children and young people raised in kinship care placements.


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