KCV Wellbeing Podcast #6 – The Importance of Quality Sleep

KCV Wellbeing Podcast #6 – The Importance of Quality Sleep

Sleep plays a vital part in our wellbeing - so how do we get the right amount of it?

Clinical psychologist Dr Damon Ashworth, author of 'Deliberately Better Sleep', talks with KCV about the three major factors affecting our sleep and issues such as waking up at night, napping, the right amount of sleep and the long-term effects of not getting enough sleep.

This podcast also includes interviews with two carers, who share their personal stories around their sleeping patterns and how they manage this whilst dealing with their kinship carer responsibilities.

Also available as an adapted written transcript: Link here to download


Kinship Carers Victoria is the peak body for kinship carers in in Victoria. KCV’s aim is to have kinship carers in Victoria supported in their role according to their needs and the needs of the children they care for.  KCV’s mission is to ensure that kinship care leads to positive outcomes for the children and young people raised in kinship care placements.


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