Kinship Carers Victoria - Wellbeing Podcast Series.

Kinship Carers Victoria have recently released three podcasts as part of their new 6-part Wellbeing Series.

KCV Wellbeing Podcast #1 – Connecting with Others

Carers often mention their isolation but many of them have not developed strategies or networks to assist them in overcoming these feelings. This podcast provides suggestions for kinship carers on how they can form meaningful connections with friends, family, neighbours and the community to help them support their own physical and psychological wellbeing.

The podcast also includes interviews with several carers who share their experiences of challenges the carer role has brought up and how they have managed social isolation before, during and after the pandemic.

KCV Wellbeing Podcast #2 – Diet and Stress

There’s a lot of information currently available about how, what and when to eat, and some of it can be quite overwhelming and confusing.

In this podcast Kinship Carers Victoria speaks with clinical nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner Nikki Valentini, director of SuperNature Nutrition at

Nikki explains how certain foods and nutrients have been shown to help us deal better with stress and anxiety while other types of foods and eating patterns have been linked to increases in these feelings – and even to other psychological issues and illness.

The podcast also includes interviews with carers who share their relationship to food and some of their dietary patterns.

KCV Wellbeing Podcast #3 – Relaxation Techniques for Carers

Deep breathing and meditation can provide you with a sense of calm, peace and balance that can benefit your emotional wellbeing and overall health through reducing stress.

The podcast features an interview with Eliza Terry, from YogaLiving. Eliza has been teaching Iyengar Yoga since 1998, and teaches mindfulness meditation, with a strong focus on breath work for relaxation.

The podcast also includes interviews with two carers who share details of their own experiences with trying relaxation and breathing techniques.

KCV Wellbeing Podcast #4 – The Benefits of Exercise

This podcast outlines the benefits of exercise, with suggestions for carers on different types of moderate exercise and how they can incorporate them into their lives.

The podcast includes advice from fitness expert Nic Dorian of Castlemaine Women’s Health & Fitness and features interviews with two carers who share details of their own carer experiences and what sorts of exercise they practise.

These podcasts are available on the Kinship Carers Victoria website: CLICK HERE to listen.


Kinship Carers Victoria is the peak body for kinship carers in in Victoria. KCV’s aim is to have kinship carers in Victoria supported in their role according to their needs and the needs of the children they care for.  KCV’s mission is to ensure that kinship care leads to positive outcomes for the children and young people raised in kinship care placements.

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