KCV Wellbeing Podcast #9 - The Benefits of Play

What does the latest research tell us about the benefits of play for the wellbeing of children and young people? The February 2023 edition of the Royal Children’s Hospital National Child Health Poll – Australian Families: How we play – has produced some findings of great interest to kinship carers.

In this podcast we speak with paediatrician, researcher and child health advocate Dr Anthea Rhodes, the founding director of the poll. Anthea has clinical interests in the health needs of the vulnerable child, with expertise in child behaviour and development.


Kinship Carers Victoria is the peak body for kinship carers in in Victoria. KCV’s aim is to have kinship carers in Victoria supported in their role according to their needs and the needs of the children they care for.  KCV’s mission is to ensure that kinship care leads to positive outcomes for the children and young people raised in kinship care placements.


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